Emergency Prescription Requests

Emergency prescription requests are requests for medication which you need with 24 hours to prevent you becoming severely unwell

Emergency medications are normally only the following:

  • Epileptic medication
  • Insulin
  • Antianginal
  • Steroid inhaler for lung conditions
  • Emergency contraception
  • Epipen for anaphylaxis


Emergency prescription requests are NOT requests for medication which have been ordered late or should have been collected from the hospital pharmacy following clinic or discharge.

Urgent prescriptions will only be available for collection between 6:00pm – 6:30pm

This Policy will help the Doctor-on-call to deal with patients with urgent and potentially life threatening medical problems.

You should allow two to three working days for routine prescription requests. Please respect out staff, as it is your responsibility to ensure that your repeat prescription request is ordered in plenty of time.

Non-urgent repeat medication requests will take two to three working days to process and the doctor may wish to speak with you.

Why does it take two to three working days to process a repeat prescription?

At the Surgery over 300 prescriptions are requested every day. Our prescription clerk has to check your medical records to ensure that your medication request is on your repeat prescription then print it and give it to your usual doctor.  Between clinics, your doctor will double check the medication and your medical records to ensure the medication is still appropriate for you.