GP Training

Whitemoor Medical Centre is an accredited training practice and founding partner of the Joint Derbyshire Training Hub that is commissioned by Health Education England.

We are extremely passionate about our role in helping to develop the clinical workforce of the future and we would like to thank our patients for their cooperation in the delivery of this training.


GP Registrars

GP Registrars are fully qualified doctors specialising in general practice. Many of them have worked and trained in hospital setting. They are fully qualified to treat patients.

You may be offered an appointment with the registrar but you still have the choice to decide on which doctor you will like to see.

From time to time we may request for your consent to allow your consultation with the GP Registrar to be video-recorded for teaching purpose.

Such videos are kept only temporarily for teaching purpose and would normally only be seen by the GP Registrars and the supervising doctors. You have a right to refuse video recording of your consultation.

Medical Students

The Practice is also a designated teaching practice for medical students. If a student is sitting in with a doctor at the time of your appointment, our receptionist will inform you. Occasionally patients with specific medical problems may be asked to attend for their medical history to be taken and examined by the medical student. This is of course voluntary, our doctors and students are very grateful for your help.

Videoing of consultations

Because we are a teaching practice, on occasions you may be asked to allow a video of your consultation to be made. This will not happen without your consent. Examinations will not be recorded. You may ask for the consultation to be deleted if you change your mind. The video will be for teaching purposes only between doctors and once viewed will be deleted shortly afterwards.

If you decline to be videoed, it will make no difference to your appointment or the availability of the appointment. Please ask one of our reception team if you require any further information.