Fees & Charges

Fee’s and Charges for non NHS work



Insurance Medical – With Examination

(Life Insurance/ HGV/ Sports/ Taxi/ Pre Employment


Discounted price – Unemployment







Adoption / Fostering examination and report




Medical Report (GPR – No examination)




Medical Report – Additional Information




Private Insurance form e.g. BUPA (Patient to pay)




Holiday Cancellation form




Holiday Cancellation Letter




Accident / Sickness Claim Form




To whom it may concern letter (Inc. Fitness to travel / Fitness to Exercise)




Letter to carry Needles / Medication




Private Consultation




Private MED3




Private Prescription




Vaccination Certificate – Stamped and Signed




Fire arms – information for Police




Police Statement




Coroner’s Report




Power of Attorney




Solicitors Letters




Copies of MRE’s Combined




Copies of Computer MRE’s 



Printed Blood Test Results


50p per sheet


Printed Vaccination list


50p per sheet



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